PKLANCER is a multi-purpose software company focused to set new trends and targets in the IT world. We are mainly focused to deliver next level standards in the world of digital media. PKALNCER is one of the leading IT companies, possessing diverse experience in the fields of web designing & development, social media marketing, and graphic designing and reputation management
The Company has built its reputation over 2 years on financial and quality strength, the ability to respond appropriately and quickly, to the opportunities in the market place and a history of positive and fruitful performances on the behalf of our clients. The Company also promotes and sponsors the development of exclusive website ideas which could be turned into self-revenue-generating websites. For such concept-based projects, first, we make research on the business domain, study the market and perform detailed cost-benefit analysis. On the off chance that our group is persuaded of the idea’s suitability then we plan, structure, create and execute such ventures for our clients.