Basic Input-Output Using Cpp Language

In this topic, we learn basic input-output using Cpp language. Also, we will discuss some key points like I/O library and I/O functions and data types as well.

Key Features:

  • iostream:- It is used as an input/output library in C++ Language.
  • cout<<:- It is used for output.
  • cin>>:- It is used for input.
  • Data types:- There are 5 data types we are using in C++ language
    1. int (it is used for integers without point value i.e 1, 2, 3..)
    2. float (it is used for integers with point value but after a point, only two digits are allowed i.e 1.12, 2.23,..)
    3. double (it is used for integers with point value i.e 1.123445, 4.1234,..)
    4. char (it is used for alphabets and characters )
    5. string (it is used for sentences)

Watch Video for further details about this lesson:-

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