WordPress Installation

WordPress Installation Process:

WordPress installation in 20 steps.

In WordPress installation we discuss how to install WordPress on personal computer offline.

Download xampp by clicking on this link

  1. Once download, Double click on xampp setup

xampp installation process step1

2. Click on OK

Installation Process Step 2

3. Click Next

installation process step 3

4. Click Next

installation process step 4

5. Select Drive/Folder, Recommended Drive C and click next 

installation process step 5

6. Click Next

7. Click Next

8. Now installation Start, Wait till install xampp

installation process step 8

9. Click Finish

installation process step 9

10. Click start button of Apache and MySql

installation process step 10

Now Go To this link to download wordpress

11. Once WordPress Then Copy WordPress .zip and paste into C:/xampp/htdocs

  1. Right Click and then Click “Extract Here”
  2. Folder Appear, name is “WordPress”
  3. Open browser, Type “http://localhost/wordpress/” on browser tab then below window will appear

12. Select English and click on continue button

Fig wp-2

13. Go to browser, type “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/” Below window will appear

14. Click on “New” Then right database name “wpdb” and click to create.

Now go to Fig wp-2 and click “Let’s go!” Button

installation process step 14

15. In this window, Enter database name “wpdb”, username “root”,password “”

installation process step 15

16. Click Submit

installation process step 16

17. Click “Run The Installation”

installation process step 17

18. Here in Site Title “Enter your website name”, In username “Enter your login username for wordpress”, Password “Enter your login possword”, Your Email “here should be an active email address ” click “Install WordPress”

installation process step 18

19. Your wordpress install successfully…

Click login..

installation process step 19

20. Enter your username and password and click Login

Your are successfully logged in. Here is your dashboard. 
Installation Process completed successfully..

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